Virtual Work Station

Virtual Workstation

So you need to know how to set up a virtual work station now that you’re working from home?

While this may seem like a simple task – there are a few factors that you need to get right to ensure your back holds up throughout your entire workday. If your work station is not set up correctly, it can lead to unnecessary back pain, shoulder tension and poor posture. And we all know, ain’t nobody got time for that!

Here are our Top 5 Tips to make your home office an ergonomic oasis.

  1. Good Lumbar Support
  2. Computer at Eye Level
  3. Proper Seat Height
  4. Ideal Desk Height
  5. Body Alignment

A Good Lumbar Support is the easiest way to promote the natural curves of your low back. Without a lumbar support you will notice that you’re more prone to slouch. Slouching forward puts extra pressure on your lumbar spine which can lead to arthritis or degenerative changes. Both are preventable and potentially correctable through early detection and specialized chiropractic protocol.

Having your Computer at Eye Level is another great way to help maintain proper posture. The last thing you want is to be straining your neck muscles by looking too high or too low hours on end. This type of strain will result in tense shoulders, headaches and even depressed lung function. Your screen should also be at arms length. This is a good way to determine if your computer is too close or too far away.

Proper Seat Height is essential to avoiding nagging knee pain. If your is too low you can unknowingly compress certain nerves and arteries which result in vascular issues or even numbness and tingling down to your legs and feet. The ideal angle in a seated position with the right seat height would be 90 degrees at your knee joint. While knee pain may be common it’s not necessarily a sign of old age. If this were the case, every joint in your body would be worn out. Contrarily, we tend to have one worse than the other suggesting it may be an alignment issue. Kind of like your cars tires or brakes – poor alignment will cause early wear and tear.

The Ideal Desk Height is also a key factor. For this reason we recommend a sit to stand desk. Basically a desk that has an adjustable height feature. These are awesome because you can customize your sitting and standing height. Perfect if you don’t want to lock yourself down in one or the other. This is the most ergonomic option and it is also more cost effective – and did I mention space effective? Who has room for two desks anyways? We’ve had to write many a request for a corporate standing desk to that employers cover the expense. How awesome is that!

Lastly, Body Alignment. This may seem simple and it is. But, it’s not easy. While we serve many 9-5 business men and women, a common complaint is that it’s tough to be in a seated position and maintain good posture. First we need to define what good posture is. From the side, a persons ear, shoulder and hips should be in a straight line from top to bottom. This line breaks, if you will, when we slouch forward or support our head with our hand. To help maintain good alignment, finding a Chiropractor is a must. After all your car needs a tuneup every now and then, and so to you.

If you need more assistance, feel free to email us a picture of your workstation and one of Family Chiropractors will review your set up and provide feedback. With all the huge corporations here in the Marietta area, we know there is a huge need for better workstation ergonomics. For this reason our doctor’s also provide on-site workstation screenings to ensure your workplace has you fit for success.

Virtual Work Station